Treating The Water


Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant BWWTP

Blue Africa Environmental Solutions offers a complete range of biological wastewater treatment plants that treats wastewater to the required standard for release into the environment or for various non potable applications, e.g. irrigation. These bacteria, together with some protozoa and other microbes, are collectively referred to as activated sludge, which after being treated in an anaerobic followed by an aerobic process are returned to the anaerobic phase to eliminate sludge production and waste. The bacteria removes small organic carbon molecules by ‘digesting’ them. As a result, the bacteria grow and the wastewater is cleansed.


This process is done through five phases:

  • Screening Phase(1)
  • Anaerobic(2)
  • Bioreactors(3)
  • Clarifier(4)
  • Disinfection(5)


Micro bubble diffusion allowing optimal transfer of dissolved oxygen into water ensuring optimal biological action. No need for final discharge effluent filtration by means of mechanical filtration as final effluent is within legislative discharge requirements. Final effluent is safe for reuse such as irrigation, grey water return and dust suppression. No permanent labour required to operate the plant. Low electricity consumption, operating and maintenance cost.


BWWTP Packages

Civil Constructed Plants

The civil constructed plants are designed and constructed mostly for large flow industrial and residential development applications.

  • Standard Flow Range: 10 Kl to 5 Ml per day (larger plants can be designed on request).
  • Completely civil constructed system.

HDPE Tanks

The HDPE tanks systems are the most cost effective BWWTP for medium flow applications. The plant is an above ground installation and therefore easily expanded on and maintained due to this fact. The plant can also be easily relocated if the need arises.

  • Standard Flow Range: 10 Kl to 400 Kl per day (larger plants can be designed on request).
  • Minimal civil work is required, only a concrete slab is required for the plant to stand on.

Budget Plastic Tank Range

These plants are a very cost effective alternative solution to septic tanks and soakaways allowing the client to re-use final effluent. These plants are designed for small applications such as households, lodges, and small commercial and industrial applications.

  • Standard Flow Range: 600 l to 10 Kl per day. Plants are installed below or above ground.