Wash Bay Solutions

Blue Africa Environmental Solutions designs, manufactures and constructs unique vehicle wash systems for heavy transport vehicles, mining equipment, commercial vehicles, buses, rail fleets and a variety of other special equipment. We are able to guarantee optimal results for every project.

All Wash bays are designed and constructed with quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in mind. The Blue Africa offering not only allows for washing of equipment and vehicles, but also for the effluent separation process and recycling of wash water.


The Modular or Movable Wash Bay is a steel constructed system
that is constructed on Blue Africa’s site and assembled on the client’s
premises. The modular wash system is a steel sectional panel
platform with side screens; the platform is built at an angle to ensure
drainage to the silt trap. The wash system can be offered from a
basic part washing system, to 30t – 27m wash platform.

  • The advantages of the system is no down time to the client during
    construction and a once off capital expenditure as the system can
    be disassembled and relocated to other operational areas.
  • The system is modular thus can be expanded as client requires or
    as processes change. Modules can easily be added to extend the
    Wash Bay to any required length.
  • The Modular wash-bay can be offered with total water recycling
    Modules to recycle all wash water for re-use.


The standard wash bays are fixed civil installations that are used for manual washing of vehicles. These systems are constructed for wide range of applications from car washes to truck washes and can be supplied with additional components such as walk ways and monitors at various locations throughout the wash bay.



In the mining industry time is money, every minute your vehicles are idle you are not producing.
Hand washing large equipment is time consuming especially if you do not have the right tools for the job. It often takes 4 – 6 hours to wash a 400 ton haul truck when washing manually. Implementing the correct design and equipment package we can significantly reduce this down time while also reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Fleet Wash:

Simplicity. Efficiency. Results. The same things an operator would want from a fleet of trucks, Blue Africa delivers in its fleet wash systems. Automated systems remove the need for attendants, are low-maintenance and require no detailing. Our fleet washes can handle over 7,000 trucks in a month, ensuring that your fleet presents a clean impression of the company over the road.


Hydrocarbon contaminated effluent includes:

  • Oils,
  • Greases,
  • Diesel,
  • Petrol, etc.

This originates from wash bays, workshops, oil stores, parking areas or any other area that generate hydrocarbons.
Blue Africa Environmental Solutions is able to provide cost effective hydrocarbon contaminated effluent separation technology which allows final effluent to be discharged into environment or easily recycled for re-use.


Blue Africa Environmental Solutions offers a range of gravity separation systems that specifically caters for hydrocarbon contaminated waste water. The main aim in designing or proposing any separation system is that final effluent complies with regulatory requirements for waste water discharge.
The system separates from the effluent all pollutants, such as;

  • Solid sediment,
  • Oils,
  • Greases and,
  • Fat.

The final discharge water can also undergo a polishing process and be re-used in the required operations.


Separators are gravity separation devices designed by using Stokes Law to define the rise velocity of oil droplets based on their density and size. The design of the separator is based on the specific gravity difference between the hydrocarbon and the waste water because the difference is much smaller than the specific gravity difference between the suspended solids and water.

Oil water separators’ purpose is to recover hydrocarbons that have segregated from emulsion in a gravity waste water separation plant.
Separators is sized by the flow rate verses the separation chamber’s effective surface area (or projected surface area in the case of a “coalescing” or parallel plate type separator). Therefore, the effectiveness of any oil water separator is affected by the flow rate. The slower the flow, the better the results. The OWS unit can be gravity or pump fed.

Different sizes and designs is available that will suit the client’s needs.


Water is a precious and expensive resource. Using innovative solutions from Blue Africa allows you to re-use virtually your entire waste water. This in turn enables you to save money whilst actively helping to preserve the environment. At the same time, you also comply with the legal requirements regarding water conditioning.

    • Eliminated the use of potable water for wash down.
    • Cost effective solution (capital and operational costs).
    • Elimination of the need to discharge contaminated water to the local environment or sewer system.